Heather White

Senior Makeup Artist


Heather white is a self taught artist who started out freelancing at the age of 17. Her passion for makeup all started when she would watch her Aunt get all glammed up daily to go to the salon for work, and then to seeing her mother doing the most elaborate Halloween makeup looks every October. She was hooked. Seeing the transformations and the artistry that went into an application truly is what sparked her passion. She would save up all her babysitting money just to be able to buy a new piece of high-end makeup when she went to the mall. Being very quiet and shy growing up, playing with cosmetics was the one way she truly felt she could express herself. 



She has worked professionally under well known cosmetic brands since 2011 when she started with Benefit cosmetics. Since then she has been the  lead artist for the American heart association 6 years in a row, traveled all across the US with Loreal for national events working along side many amazing artists. She works closely with photographers and some of her work has even been published in magazines.



Heather's main focus is to make her client feel the most beautiful they can be when they are in her chair. Her focus is bridal, glam, fashion, and everyday wear to full blown special effects! She has worked in a wide range of artistry and is ready to bring her talents to the next level at The Make-Up Lounge.